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The Yellow Flower
by Ann Stalcup
Language: English
Imagine a village being there one day and gone the next! That is what happened to a small village in Mexico in the 1940s. Only a church tower survived the wrath of a newly-risen volcano; the village itself buried deep beneath the lava.
The Yellow Flower tells the story of one lone flower growing on a rock wall in what remains of the village church and the way it inspires a boy with hope, strength, courage, and a determination to grow to be the best that he can be.
You can find The Yellow Flower at Olvera Street Candle Shop W3 and Olverita's Village W24 in Los Angeles. Also available on Amazon >

Leo Politi: Artist of the Angels by Ann StalcupLeo Politi: Artist of the Angels
by Ann Stalcup
Publisher: Four Winds Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0972551603
ISBN-13: 978-0972551601
"For those who know and love Leo Politi's works, this book is a treasure. For those unfamiliar with his wonderful stories and paintings, this book will introduce them to a man whose love of children, nature, history, and cultural traditions shines through every word and illustration." - - Bonnie O'Brian, Head of Library Services, Retired, LAUSD Learn More About the Book + Purchase Information >

Three Who SurvivedThree Who Survived: Child Survivors of World War II
by Ann Stalcup
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1450277004
ISBN-13: 978-1450277006
Compelling stories of three child survivors of World War ll: One spent her childhood in England, the other two in Germany. Each of their stories is quite different.
Pat was four-and-a-half when the war between Great Britain and Germany began on September 3, 1939, but it wasn’t until she was seven that her family life in England changed drastically. For Hilda and Ursula, both born in Berlin, their worlds turned upside down on January 30, 1933, when Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. Hilda would be seven four months later; Ursula had just had her seventh birthday. All three children survived the war for different reasons and in different locations. One escaped Germany days before war was declared, one barely lived through a bombing raid in England, while the third survived a concentration camp. As young children, all three had wonderfully happy childhoods, childhoods that changed suddenly and unexpectedly for each of them when they were seven. Purchase "Three Who Survived" >

Flores Family CafeFlores Family Café/La lonchería*
by Ann Stalcup
Illustrated by David Arroyo
Lectura Books
Languages: English/Spanish
ISBN: 978-1-60448-005-4 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-60048-006-1 (Paperback)
In this delightful picture book, an unexpected letter changes the lives of a family in Baja, California. A story of family loyalty and ingenuity, this book will enchant young readers and their parents. In Flores Family Café/ La lonchería, we all learn that when you mix flowers, determination and inspiration you get a beautiful slice of life. *Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner Purchase "Flores Family Café" >


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On the Home Front by Ann StalcupOn the Homefront: Growing Up in Wartime England
by Ann Stalcup
"Ann's story is filled ... with the experiences all English people shared as a nation... This was not life in the ranks fighting the battles, but it was life on the home front - the every day life of a people at war."
Learn More >

Swirls, Curls and Wiggly LinesSwirls, Curls, and Wiggly Lines - A Creative Writing Workbook
by Carolyn Tokunaga and Ann Stalcup
Authors Carolyn Tokunaga and Ann Stalcup are long time elementary teachers who have created a highly successful technique for consistently producing imaginative stories from each student using the same design (squiggle) as the starting point.
Learn More >

The Day of the Dead by Ann StalcupEl Dia de los Muertos: The Day of the Dead - A Mexican Celebration
A Handbook for Teaching Children Grades 1-5 About the Mexican Celebration of The Day of the Dead
Author Ann Stalcup's text is enhanced by illustrator Pam Smallcomb's charming line drawings in this teachers' guide to the traditional Mexican celebration. Learn More >

Brazil in ColorsBrazil in Colors
by Ann Stalcup
Capstone Press
ISBN: 9781429622226
Format: Library Binding, 32pp
The World of Colors books use full-color photos and a nonfiction format to introduce children to basic topics in the study of countries. Find out what colors say about the people and places of different countries. Start seeing colors in your world!

Mexico in Colors
by Ann Stalcup
Capstone Press
ISBN: 9781429617024
Format: Library Binding, 32pp
Mexico in Colors is designed to be read aloud to a pre-reader or to be read independently by an early reader. Photographs help listeners and early readers understand the text and concepts discussed.

Guatemala in ColorsGuatemala in Colors
by Ann Stalcup
Capstone Press
ISBN: 9781429617000
Format: Library Binding, 32pp
Guatemala in Colors is designed to be read aloud to a pre-reader or to be read independently by an early reader. Photographs help listeners and early readers understand the text and concepts discussed.

by Ann Stalcup
Scholastic/Children's Book Press Enchantment of the World Series
ISBN: 0516236830
Format: Library Binding, 144pp
Age Range: 12 and up
The Enchantment of the World series is an invaluable resource for facts and figures, and a fascinating, highly visual introduction to the countries of the world. These browser-friendly guides to everything middle-grade students need to know about a country's history, people, languages, economy, government, culture, natural resources, climate, and religions, feature original maps, interactive sidebars, handy "Fast Facts," and an authoritative "To Find Out More" section complete with Internet listings. The books are also an excellent resource for world history and social studies, general reference, and independent study.

Art of Native American Turquoise JewelryThe Art of Native American Turquoise Jewelry
ISBN: 0-8239-5332-7

Japanese Origami: Paper Magic by Ann StalcupJapanese Origami: Paper Magic
ISBN: 0-8239-5333-5

Ukranian Egg Decoration by Ann StalcupUkrainian Egg Decoration: A Holiday Tradition
ISBN: 0-8239-5335-1