Ann Stalcup has written several books for the Crafts of the World Series

Crafts of the World books written by Ann Stalcup

Rosen Publishing Group's Powerkid Press, 1998

To order, contact Rosen at 1-800-237-9932 or Discounted prices available for teachers and librarians.

"This series introduces children to crafts from nations around the globe. With stunning photographs and a craft project that the reader can try at home or in class, your students will have the opportunity to participate in traditional projects from nations and cultures they may have never known."


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The Art of Native American Turquoise Jewelry THE ART OF NATIVE AMERICAN TURQUOISE JEWELRY
by Ann Stalcup
ISBN: 0-8239-5332-7
24 pp. Glossary and index
Ages 4-8
Explores what turquoise is, where it's found, the types of jewelry made from it, and why the jewelry is important to Native American cultures. Includes a craft project.

Mayan Weaving: A Living Tradition MAYAN WEAVING: A LIVING TRADITION
by Ann Stalcup
ISBN: 0-8239-5331-9
24 pp
Ages 4-8
Explains how the Maya wove their cloth, how they dyed the fabric, and how they created the clothing they wore.

Japanese Origami: Paper Magic JAPANESE ORIGAMI: PAPER MAGIC
by Ann Stalcup
ISBN: 0-8239-5333-5
Ages 4-8
This book highlights some specific origami figures and their significance in Japanese culture. Includes directions for creating an origami ornament.

American Quilt-Making: Stories in Cloth AMERICAN QUILT-MAKING: STORIES IN CLOTH by Ann Stalcup
ISBN: 0-8239-5334-3
Ages 4-8
Traces the history of quilting and describes the various kinds of quilts made in the United States. Includes a suggestion for a quiltmaking project.

Ukrainian Egg Decoration: A Holiday Tradition UKRAINIAN EGG DECORATION: A HOLIDAY TRADITION
by Ann Stalcup
ISBN: 0-8239-5335-1
24 pp. Glossary and index
Ages 4-8
Pysanky, the traditional folk craft of decorating Easter eggs, is carried on by women in Ukraine, a country on the northern edge of the Black Sea. Featured in this book are photos of completed eggs, and a simple step-by-step egg project for children to do.

Ndebele Bead Work: African Artistry NDEBELE BEAD WORK: AFRICAN ARTISTRY
by Ann Stalcup
ISBN: 0-8239-5336-X
24 pp. Glossary and index
Ages 4-8
"An excellent book, highly recommended for readers who are beginning to show an interest in the world around them--as well as the ways in which different cultures have lifestyles and practices which differ from their own."
-- Robyn Sassen , Department of History of Art, University of South Africa