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On the Home Front by Ann Stalcup


by Ann Stalcup
• Paperback: 118 pages
• Publisher: iUniverse (December 25, 2002)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0595264077
• ISBN-13: 978-0595264070

Ann Stalcup was only four years old when England declared war on Germany in 1939. Although her town of Lydney was located in the relative safety of the English countryside, World War ll still brought fear, uncertainty, and deprivation to the local people.

Even before the war began, children carried gas masks to school, mothers hastily stitched up "blackout" curtains to hide the house lights from German planes, and fathers headed out to air raid warden duties nightly. Then thousands of children were evacuated from the cities to the country for their safety. Soon all resources were going to the war. On the home front, food was rationed, "victory gardens" were dug, and clothes and shoes were patched again and again.

Ann's story is filled, too, with the experiences all English people shared as a nation: the inspiring words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the daring rescue of troops from Dunkirk made by ordinary citizens in "little ships"; German and Italian POW's; the coming of the "Yanks"; and finally, victory. This was not life in the ranks fighting the battles, but it was life on the home front - the every day life of a people at war.


"A touching memoir . . . Stalcup wonderfully recreated the voice of a young child to recount the everyday incidents of a small family bravely coping with war . . . This child's view of WWll is certain to touch the hearts of readers."

School Library Journal
. . . this mesmerizing, beautifully written book . . . told from a child's point of view . . . vividly brings to life wartime England."

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
. . . an effective readaloud . . . her sense of the pleasures as well as the fears . . . make the picture compellingly complete."


Bedford Open School, Camarillo:
- Thank you for your wonderful visit. I don’t remember the students ever talking so much about an author’s visit! You brought a war they can’t imagine into sharp focus, and you did it beautifully! -- Dianne

Polytechnic, Pasadena:
- You were both engaging and informative. Donna

Los Nogales School, Camarillo:
- You received “rave reviews” from everyone. - Mary
- All of us were enthralled! . . Your presentation was the best one I’ve seen in my 9 years at Nogales. -- Brenda
- You are truly an inspiration . . . I thank HIm for people like you that take the time to remind us of how truly blessed we are in our lives. - Mrs. F

Jefferson Elementary:
- It was so wonderful to hear you share your incredible childhood experiences that led to your writing this amazing book. Our children were dazzled by what you had to say . . . Thank you for inspiring our young minds and future writers. - Christina

Burcham School, Long Beach:
- You have realized your dream of becoming an author. Thank you for inspiring us to follow our dreams, too. - Mrs. R.

Rea Elementary School:
- Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and love of writing with us. Robbie S.

Oakwood School, North Hollywood:
- I’d like to tell you how much we learned from and enjoyed your talk. Our studies specifically address the numerous experience and perspectives of those people whose lives have been forever changed by war. You brought us a diverse view, and though certainly a difficult period for you, a sense of humor and community cohesiveness was evident. -- Nancy G.

El Oro Way Elementary School:
- The students were really touched by your talk and the adults were enthralled. -- Robin M., Librarian


Hudson School:
- I think that kids and adults will enjoy your book about the war and your very interesting life.
- I hope you will come back to Hudson School with another interesting book for us. - Chantrell
- I loved your presentation so much I wouldn’t have minded if your presentation had lasted longer. - Eddy T.
- I felt sad for the children who had to be sent away from their familes. It’s like the adults were treating the kids like mail packages. - Manuel
- I have never seen a class be so quiet when someone was speaking. - Jocelyn

Los Nogales School, Camarillo:
- Your book touched my soul. - Brooke

Garfiield Elementary School, Long Beach:
- I enjoyed your wonderful speech. I felt warm inside as if my Grandma had made her magnificent cookies. - London F.
- Listening to your talk really changed my life. I don’t think there should be wars in the world; there should be peace instead. Jessica

Burcham School, Long Beach:
- Your story really touched me. - Nancy
- I learned so much from your experiences and found it very exciting.
- Your presentation was spectacular. - Sofia

Monterey Highlands School:
I wasn’t interested in nonfiction, but now I’m fascinated with nonfiction because of you.- Elizabeth

Bud Carson Middle School:
- The presentation made me appreciate all I have much more. - Jeanette
- I thought that it was going to be another boring author – but it was pretty cool. - Monica


  • 1999: Selected by the Children's Book Council as a Notable Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies.
  • 1999: Selected by the National Council of Teachers of English as an Outstanding Nonfiction Choice.
  • 2000: Selected by the California Readers Committee as one of the100 books on their Middle School California Collection list.


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