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School Visits and Presentations by Ann Stalcup


Ann Stalcup at a school presentation. I am available for visits to school, libraries, bookstores, cultural events, and professional organizations.

For Children: My 45 to 60-minute school presentations are geared for students Grade K through 8th grade, and include readings from my books and slides to illustrate my talk. Small groups are preferred - fewer than 100 if possible.

For Adults: I also enjoy speaking with adult groups - teachers, librarians, community groups, etc.


Visiting schools and talking to students about my life, the writing process, and my books is always exciting. As a teacher there is nothing I enjoy more than filling students with an enthusiasm for both reading and writing.


From Adults . . .
"The audience was enthralled by a second speaker, Ann Stalcup. Her book, "Leo Politi, Artist of the Angels", has been widely promoted and admired. Ann spoke of her long friendship with Leo, and the mutual interest they shared in the history of Los Angeles and its children. Ann, an elementary school teacher, has seen the impact that Leo's books have had on children. What a beautiful book . . . a treasure to own and present as a gift." -- FOCAL Award Luncheon

"The highlight of the afternoon was a talk and slide show by local author Ann Stalcup. She described first meeting Leo Politi in 1979 at the Blessing of the Animals Parade in Olvera Street. . . it was recollections like these that made Ann's talk so memorable. When Politi died in 1996, Ann felt she had to write his biography. We thank Ann for persevering with her task so that we may all become acquainted with Leo Politi's touching life story." --
Watts Towers Politi Exhibit

"I went to the most wonderful lecture at the Huntington by the author of the book about Leo Politi. I was in tears, I was so touched. I went home and e-mailed my relatives that I wanted nothing but Politi books for Christmas." -- Excerpt from a letter to one of my friends. (The writer didn't know that her friend knew me.)
"At least half a dozen people came up to me and thanked me profusely for inviting you to speak to us. Several said you should be invited back. They all thought you were the best program we have had in a long long time." -- Karen De Bellis, San Juan Capistrano Mission Docents

. . . From Children
"Thank you for talking about Leo Politi and being an author. I was very inspired and I really enjoyed learning more about art and writing. You were very persuasive . . . I have been working on a book at home and I was about to give up. You helped me get the idea to keep writing." -- Milenn, El Oro Way Elementary School, Granada Hills

"Your presentation made me want to read your stories. It also made me want to read Leo Politi’s stories. It kinda even made me want to write myself." -- Ayan, Canyon Charter School, Santa Monica

"I really liked how you expressed your friendship with Leo Politi." -- Isadora, Canyon Charter School, Santa Monica

. . . And From Teachers and Librarians
"We had a wonderful day with you yesterday and even this morning as I have walked around the campus the children are still talking about your visit. A couple of the teachers have told me stories about activities they have done in their classes because of your message to them and the results are GREAT!!! It is wonderful that people like you are willing to come out to talk to, and inspire, children. With so much testing and teaching to the test, some of the fun things of school are getting lost. Yesterday the fun was put back into school thanks to you." - - Cory Wheeler, Librarian, Willmore Elementary School, Westminster

"Ann Stalcup presented a lively fun-filled informative program based on her extensive knowledge of Leo Politi and her book Leo Politi: Artist of the Angels. Her program was of interest to adults and children and the comments I got from everyone were positive and heart-felt. Her love of her subject, books, and people was evident in her presentation. It was a pleasure having her here." -- Carol Lloyd, Librarian, The Rancho Mirage Public Library

"The kids were really touched by your talk and the adults were enthralled." -- Robin, Teacher, El Oro Way Elementary School, Granada Hills

"I really enjoyed your talk and loved the personal parts about when you got to know Leo Politi and about how movie-star handsome he was. Thanks for doing your presentation for FOCAL. I know the children learned and the parents learned. You introduced them to a wonderful artist and to part of their own history. I'll bet they will now begin to recognize Leo's work. What could be more important than bringing his work alive again." -- Barbara Metzenbaum, Librarian - at FOCAL's, "Sundays at Central," Los Angeles Public Library


"I really do appreciate that you came out to Clairbourn to talk to us about World War II in England. It made such an impact on me. Your conveyances of the memories were just wonderful, and the little side stories brought out joy in the difficult time. You are one of the best authors I have heard talk. I also have really been taking to heart your advice about how to improve my writing. Writing, especially making up stories, has never been my strong suit, but I have been enjoying it more lately, as I feel it is getting easier and better. Thank you so much for taking some time to come out and talk to us!"
- Marisa D., Grade 8, Clairbourn School, San Marino, CA

"It was so wonderful to hear you share the incredible childhood experiences that led to your writing this amazing book. Our children were dazzled by what you had to say . . . Thank you for coming to inspire our young minds and future writers."
-- Christina Medina, Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School

"Your presentation was the best one I've seen in my nine years at Nogales."
-- Brenda Schearer, Teacher, Los Nogales School

"After listening to you talk I feel as if I could have been there."
-- David, Grade 4

"I felt warm inside as if my grandma had made her magnificent cookies."
-- London, Grade 4

"I loved the story you told about the cake ingredients from Australia and how Auntie's ashes accidentally got baked into the cake. It made my toes crinkle."
-- Becca, Grade 5

"I was on the edge of my seat when you talked about the air raids. . . to know that your house could get bombed any night would scare the pants off of me."
-- Daniel, Grade 5

"You're one of the few people I know who was alive during World War ll."
-- Alan, Grade 7

"I loved your presentation so much I wouldn't have minded if it had lasted longer. If there was a rating scale from 0 to 10, I would pick 9."

-- Eddy, Grade 7


. Whitewood Branch Library, Whittier
. Playa Vista Elementary School, Playa Vista
. Windsor Hills Elementary School, LA
. University Women's Club, Encino
. St Martin of Tours Elementary School, Brentwood

. South Pasadena Library
. Bank of Books, Malibu (2 book signings)
. Pasadena Book Festival, CA
. The Open Book, Thousand Oaks, CA (2 book signings)
. Barnes and Noble, Santa Monica, CA
. Del Oro Way Elementary School, Granada Hills, CA

. Women's University Club, Encino
. Fair Elementary School (LA's Best after school program)
. Esperanza Elementary School (LA's Best after school program)
. Pilgrim School, LA
. Appeared at Blessing of the Animals event, Olvera Street, LA - Easter 2015
. Temple Beth Emmet, LA
. Fresno Art Museum
. Magnolia Elementary School, Los Angeles
. First Street Elementary School, Los Angeles
. Pico House, Olvera Street, Los Angeles

. San Fernando Valley Historical Society, Chatsworth
. Politi Elementary School (through LA's Best Program)
. Ramona Elementary School (through LA's Best Program)
. Clairbourn School, San Marino - 5th Grade history class
. Welby Way Elementary School, Woodland Hills
. Heritage Day, Olvera Street, Los Angeles
. Festival of Books
. Orange County Book Festival
. North Valley Historical Society

. Hart Elementary School, Woodland Hills
. Canoga Park Elementary School, Woodland Hills
. Arroyo Seco School, Los Angeles
. Baldwin Hills Elementary School, Los Angeles
. Braddock Elementary School, West Los Angeles
. Clairmont  School (Private) K through 8
. Clairbourn School, San Marino -  5th Grade History class
. Bank of Books bookstore, Malibu - WWll remembrance event
. Humboldt Author Festival, (4 days, 3 schools)
. Westerners Organization, Los Angeles
. Presentations at 2 LAUSD elementary schools for their Young Authors Program

. Westerners Organization, Los Angeles - Leo Politi, Artist of the Angels
. Hesby Elementary School, LA - Girl Scout Troup about my wartime childhood
. Aroyo Seco School LA, Grades 3 - 5
. Baldwin Hills Elementary School - Flores Family Café - two presentations to Grades K through 5
. Braddock Elementary School - Flores Family Café - two presentations to Grades K through 5
. Los Angeles Antiquarian Society, Hollywood - Adult Club
. Clairmont School, San Marino - Grade 5 presentation
. Clairbourn K through 8 School, San Marino - Spoke to 5th grade history classes
. Guest author at American Jewish League luncheon
. Bright Elementary School. LA
. 28th Street Elementary School, LA
. Loren Miller Elementary School, LA

. Tulsa Elementary School's Festival of Books, Granada Hills
. Woodland Hills Private School
. Guest author at CRA's first author luncheon with an emphasis on promoting reading.
. Willmore Elementary School - Westminster School District's Festival of Books
. Ocean Charter, Venice, California, Grades 3 through 5
. Melody of Words, Woodland Hills, Grades K through 3
. Mission Viejo Author Fair
. Eureka Author Festival
. Rosemont Elementary School, Los Angeles, Grades K through 3
. Elysian Heights Elementary School, Los Angeles, Grades K through 5
. Sunrise Elementary School, Los Angeles, Grades K through 5

Other Talks & Events:
. Mrs. Fields' Book Store
. Every Picture Tells A Story (children's book store and gallery)
. Childrens' Book World
. Watts Towers: Italian Festival (focusing on Leo Politi)
. Deisel Book Store
. Music Center sponsored program for teachers - Olvera Street
. Friends of the Chinatown Library
. Chinatown Businessmen's Association
. Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (book signing)
. Canyon Elementary School
. Los Angelitas, Olvera Street
. Leo Politi Elementary School
. SCBWI Writer's Schmooze, Pasadena
. SCBWI Writer's Schmooze, Manhattan Beach
. Folk Tree Collection, Pasadena (book signing)
. Culver City Library
. FOCAL Lunch, Los Angeles
. Vroman's Book Store, Pasadena
. Calaban Elementary School, Northridge
. Mark Twain Elementary School, Lawndale
. El Oro Way Elementary School, Granada Hills
. South Pasadena - Volunteer Luncheon
. Wonder of Reading Event - Los Angeles Public Library
. Bakersfield Young Authors' Fair
. Ocean View School District
. Alhambra School District Authors' Fair (Annually)
. LAUSD (Canyon Charter Elementary School)
. Los Angeles Public Library (several sites)
. Olvera Street - presentation to visiting school children
. Catholic Library Association
. CSLA Author Breakfast
. Saints Simon and Jude School
. Huntington Beach Authors Fest (Annually)
. South Bay Authors Fair (Annually)
. Long Beach Authors Festival (Annually)
. Melody of Words Festival (Annually)
. Fountain Valley School District Authorfest
. Camarillo Author Day (Annually)
. Northridge Middle School
. Tustin Authors Festival (Annually)
. Santa Monica Seniors Group
. Oakwood School, North Hollywood
. Encino Authors Fair (Annually)
. American Association of University Women, Thousand Oaks Branch
. Huntington Museum - Members Shopping Night
. FOCAL organization - "Sundays at Central"
. San Juan Capistrano - Mission Docent’s Group
. Rancho Mirage Public Library
. Leo Politi Secret Garden Party, Fresno
. Castelar Elementary School, Chinatown, Los Angeles
. Feria de Libros, City Hall, Los Angeles
. El Oro Way Elementary School, Granada Hills
. Playa Vista Public Library
. Studio City Public Library
. Woodward Park Library, Fresno
. San Juan Capistrano Mission School
. "Art Night" at Pasadena Library
. Gant Elementary School, Long Beach
. Politi Centennial "Kick Off" Event
. FOCAL event at the main Los Angeles Public Library
. De Mille Elementary School, Westminster
. South Pasadena Library - presentations for both children and adults
. Kaiser Elementary School, Newport
. Los Primeros Magnet, Camarillo
. University Prep School, Camarillo
. Taft High School Author Fair
. Manchester Elementary School, Northern California
. Point Arena Elementary School, Northern California
. Four-Eyed Frog Book Store, Gualala, Northern California
. Chinatown Branch Library - presentation for Castelar Elementary School 5th Graders
. Melody of Words Author Fair, Calabasas
. Smiley Library, Redlands
. Literary Guild of Orange County
. Lockhurst Elementary School, Woodland Hills
. Brea Community Art Gallery
. Thousand Oaks Library
. Torrance Public Library
. Santa Monica Public Library
. Leo Politi Public Library, Fresno
. St. Anthony's Christian School, Fresno
. Whittier Public Library
. Cantara School, Reseda
. Mayfield Christian School, Pasadena
. Monterey Public Library
. Park School, Alhambra
. Meairs Elementary School, Westminster
. Newport Mesa Author Fair
. Whittier College Author's Day
. University Club, Whittier
. Sundance Elementary School, San Diego
. Platt Library, Woodland Hills
. American Association of University Women, Glendora
. Corona Del Mar Library
. Olvera Street’s Blessing of the Animals, Los Angeles, Easter Saturday


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